XSH2 Language

Tree navigation
Tree modification
Flow control
Retrieving more information
Namespaces in XML and XPath
Argument Types
Command output redirection
Global settings
Interacting with Perl and Shell
Prompt in the interactive shell
Changes since XSH 1.x

XSH2 acts as a command interpreter. Individual commands must be separated with a semicolon. In the interactive shell, backslash may be used at the end of a line to indicate that a command continues on the next line. Output redirection can be used to pipe output of some XSH command to some external program, or to capture the output to a variable. See Redirection for more info.

XSH2 command help provides a complete reference, instantly from the command-line:

help command gives a list of all XSH2 commands.

help type gives a list of all argument types.

help topic followed by documentation chapter gives more information on a given topic.

help toc displays the table of contents.