ls [--fold|:f] [--fold-attrs|:A] [--indent|:i | --no-indent|:n] [--depth|:d expression] [expression]




Print XML representation of a given expression, in particular, if used with an xpath, list parts of the document matching given expression.

If used without an argument, current node is listed to the depth 1 (see below).

--depth or :d argument may be used to specify depth of the XML listing. If negative, the listing depth is unlimited. All content below the specified depth is replaced with an ellipsis (...).

--fold or :f option makes the listing fold elements marked using the fold command are folded, i.e. listed only to the depth specified in the folding mark.

--fold-attrs or :A option avoids listing of attributes of the folded elements (i.e. elements on the lowest level of listing). Folded attributes are replaced with ellipsis (...).

--indent (:i) and --no-indent (:n) may be used to enforce/suppress indentation, overriding current setting (see command indent).

Unless in quiet mode, this command also prints the number of (top-level) nodes listed.

See Also

count, fold, unfold