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Petr Pajas -- see also my homepage

XSH was inspired by my work on linguistic corpora, especially on the Prague Dependency Treebank. The author's work on XSH is currently supported by the project "Integration of language resources for information extraction from natural texts", Information Society of Grant Agency of Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic: 1ET101120503.

No software is ever perfect. This applies to XSH as well, so feel free to submit bug reports or send patches (remember to check the latest release or CVS version first).

Have you tried XSH? Did you like it and found it useful? Did you miss some features? Let me know.

Special thanks to:

Daniel Veillard for libxml2
Matt Sergeant and Christian Glahn for XML::LibXML
Ilya Martynov for co-authoring XML::LibXML::XPathContext with me
Damian Conway for his excellent module Parse::RecDescent

Without these, XSH would never happen to be.