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XSH2 Language Reference

is available in several formats:

  • Nice on-line reference with frames
  • On-line reference - no frames
  • Downloadable reference as a single HTML document
  • Printable version of the reference in PDF
  • As a DocBook XML source for further processing.
  • If installed properly, xsh comes with XSH reference rendered as a usual unix manual page XSH(3)
  • At any time, you may get help directly from XSH by typing one of the following commands:
    help - get general help
    help toc - see help table of contents
    help command - get help on a given command
    help type - get help on a given argument type
    help chapter - read a specific help chapter
    (for list of chapter identifiers see help toc)

XSH2 command-line options

Read the xsh(1) man-page

  • on-line, or
  • run man xsh, or
  • run xsh --man

Mailing list

There is also a mailing list for general discussion about XSH, bug-reports, feature-requests, etc. You may subscribe here.


As XSH is very much XPath-oriented, you may find useful to have a look at

on www.zvon.org.