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Thinking about XSH 2.0
Fri Mar 28 13:12:52 2003

1st release of a new Perl module called XML::LibXML::XPathContext is out and I'm thinking of some backward incompatible changes for XSH 2.0 as described here. I'd like to hear any opinions, comments, suggestions, further feature requests, etc., before I proceed to start implementing on them in a new CVS branch.

Long time no news...
Wed Mar 12 15:04:10 2003

As it's been too long since you've heard any news from me I'm bringing you some today.

While I'm still postponing a stable release until libxml2 and XML::LibXML are in sync again (XML::LibXML <= 1.54 is known not to work with libxml2-2.5.x or vice versa - you choose), you may check out and try the CVS.

  • bug fixes.
  • new try {...} catch [[local] $var] {...} syntactic construction allows to catch and handle parsing and other errors.
  • new throw command (aka perl { die "...\n" })
  • new Perl/PHP-like last, next, redo, return loop and subroutine interruption commands
  • new strip command for stripping whitespace
  • new normalize command for puting adjacent text nodes together
  • new catalog command makes the XML parser use a given catalog file
  • new experimental iterate command
  • changed sort command syntax (you've been warned)
  • completion improvements (now little more context sensitive and completes variable, subroutine and help chapter names)
  • new Perl support function type to check node types
  • Perl support functions now return lists in array context
  • added -w command-line option to turn all DTD related stuff off
  • added -a command-line option to pass command line arguments to a XSH script via Perl's @ARGV
  • added -l command-line option to pass script name
  • access to all configuration flags/options (such as validation) through variables to allow making changes local (read `help flag' or run var to see a list)
  • and some more...

xsh-users maing list
Tue Nov 12 20:04:07 2002
I've just created a mailing list for free discussion about XSH. Subscribe here.

XSH 1.6 released
Fri Nov 7 18:39:27 2002
Ok, finally I found a few spare minutes to release the long promised new version of XSH!
Download from here.
Changes between 1.6 and 1.5:
  • First of all, XSH 1.6 requires XML::LibXML 1.54_0 or higher (technically, version 1.53 works too but since it contains some major bugs, it is not recommended!)
New features:
  • improved documentation
  • local (temporary) variables
  • subroutine may take parameters
  • forward defs (with no body) allow recursion
  • call strongly checks argument types
  • new location keywords: append, prepend
  • new location semantics (mostly clean-up)
  • perl-code result substitution in expressions via ${{{ ... }}}
  • string xpath result substitution in expressions via ${( ... )}
  • new Perl functions: literal(...), xml_list(...), and count(...)
  • new switch-to-new-documents flag (allows to disable selecting
  • simplified and more general open/save commands
  • support document level node insertion
  • improved error reporting from XSH grammar parser
  • docbook loading support
  • pipeline redirection may follow statements
  • grammar optimizations (some more speed-up achieved)
Other changes:
  • XSH now starts with validation 0
  • new xsh option -v allows starting with validation on
  • obsolete xsh -c flag removed
Bug fixes:
  • indentation fixes
  • fixed ReadLine::Gnu completion support
  • ~/.xsh_history works for Term::ReadLine::Gnu now
  • fixed doubled history entries
  • double/single quoting fixed in expressions
  • experimental support for entity reference insertion
  • fixed error catching
  • fixed and improved Ctrl+C handling
  • some more bug-fixes

XSH and XML::LibXML 1.53
Tue Oct 8 17:20:52 2002
XSH 1.5 is known not to work with XML::LibXML 1.53 due to some major changes in the module's structure. Please understand, that XSH 1.5 was released before XML::LibXML 1.53 was out. Release of XSH 1.6 (fixing the problem and bringing new features such as local variables and subroutine) is planned for the next week or two. In the meantime, users of XML::LibXML 1.53 may either downgrade XML::LibXML to 1.52 (shipped with xmltools-bundle.tar.gz) or experiment with the CVS version of XSH.

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