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XSH 1.5 released
Mon Sep 2 14:50:00 2002
Changes to 1.4:
  • XInclude support
  • improved grammar
  • some more namespace support fixes
  • XSH and XPath evaluation in in-line Perl code
  • new experimental sort command (feedback welcome)
  • new experimental support for custom folding (feedback welcome)
  • experimental support for inserting entity references
  • support for recovering parsing
  • history is stored in ~/.xsh_history between sessions
  • got rid of Text::Iconv dependency (LibXML's iconv support used instead)
  • several bug-fixes (thanx all those who reported those nasty little beasts)
There is also have new extensive XSH Reference available. Please don't hesitate to send me any suggestions to improve its accuracy, completeness, and of course the English.

New CVS version
Mon Jul 15 20:14:51 2002
I've just committed a new version to CVS. It features improved grammar (now you may e.g. ommit semicollons after statement blocks). Moreover, I've done some optimizations so that the new grammar is parsed significantly faster by RecDescent than the old one. Please test it and report bugs so that we may have a new release soon.

xml.com on XSH
Wed Jul 11 05:46:00 2002
Kip Hampton wrote an article about XSH on xml.com. It is both instructive and flattering. Thank you Kip!

Module bundle updated
Fri Jun 21 10:52:37 2002
XML::LibXML-1.52, XML::LibXSLT-1.50, XML::XUpdate-0.2.1 latest XML::SAX and XML::NamespaceSupport. Get xmltools-bundle.tar.gz from the Download page.

New features in CVS version
Fri May 31 16:20:55 2002
  • allows saving expanded XInclude sections back to the original files and creating new XInclude sections (see help save_xinclude).
  • save creates backups now, unless nobackups is called
  • XML::GDOME may now be used instead of XML::LibXML (run xsh -g). XML::GDOME backend is still incomplete and lacks many features.
  • several bug-fixes
  • XML-LibXML version 1.50 or soon available 1.51 highly recommended

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